Best Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games

Posted by Kritik on 02:13 AM, 30-May-16

What I can observe in recent past is that Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are becoming more and more popular. MMO comes with the concept where players can play against each other connected through online wires (e-world I must say). When it comes to MMO games then nothing will suit best other than Sony PlayStation and XBox consoles. Here we will see some of the best MMO games that you can play on your gaming consoles.


Best MMO Games for Sony PlayStation and XBox

1. The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

ESO is a popular MMO game that takes the entire game play to a complete different level. Ranging from snow capped high hills/mountains to hot deserts, it has everything to offer. Such a variety will attract any gamer to come and try it for some days at least. 


Entire game play is based on continents of Tamriel where you need to complete various quests to earn awards and unlock hidden items. It is divided into 4 ESO Classes who have unique powers, skill set and spells to offer. Try it once, it will not disappoint you for sure. You will be surprised to know that this game was in development/test phase for 7 years. After that only it was launched for all gamers.

2. World of WarCraft

Talking about MMO without mentioning World of WarCraft is like a pond without water. World of War Craft is an extensive MMO game that is way more addictive than any other game of similar niche. There are lot of things to do in WoW which will never let you settle down and will make sure that you are exploring new things on regular bases to keep you intact with the entire game play.

3. Rift

Rift is also a popular MMO game that focuses on the war like scenarios. If you love pure action gaming then Rift is for you. You will get too many things to explore in this well designed game. Play it and let us know your experience.

These are top 3 MMO games according to my personal experience. There are few other games like RunScape, Guild War Series, Skyforge etc which are worth giving few tries.

Kindly let us know your experience about these games.

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